May 15, 2018

027 The Curious Case of the Collapsed Chelonian

Back to the news niche! This fortnight we’re talking about a collection of papers ranging from crocodile colours to frog personalities, as well as the mysterious death of a tortoise. We finish up with a meta-chat about science podcasting and a brief mention of the crazy future world of in-field laboratories. FULL REFERENCE LIST AVAILABLE AT:



Kelleher, S. R., Silla, A. J., & Byrne, P. G. (2018). Animal personality and behavioral syndromes in amphibians: a review of the evidence, experimental approaches, and implications for conservation. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 72(5), 79.

Leary, C. J., & Crocker‐Buta, S. (2018). Rapid effects of elevated stress hormones on male courtship signals suggest a major role for the acute stress response in intra‐and intersexual selection. Functional Ecology, 32(5), 1214-1226.

Mackenzie, LE. 2018. “Science Podcasts : Analysis of Global Production and Output from 2004 to 2018.” bioRxiv, Preprint. doi:

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Pomerantz, A, N Peñafiel, A Arteaga, L Bustamante, F Pichardo, LA Coloma, CL Barrio-Amorós, D Salazar-Valenzuela, and S Prost. 2018. “Real-Time DNA Barcoding in a Rainforest Using Nanopore Sequencing: Opportunities for Rapid Biodiversity Assessments and Local Capacity Building.” GigaScience 7 (4): 1–14.

Staniewicz, A, U Youngprapakorn, and G Jones. 2018. “First Report of Physiological Color Change in a Crocodilian.” Copeia 106 (2): 264–67. doi:10.1643/CP-17-711.

Urban, MC, BL Phillips, DK Skelly, and R Shine. 2008. “A Toad More Traveled: The Heterogeneous Invasion Dynamics of Cane Toads in Australia.” The American Naturalist 171 (3): E134–48

Ward, M. 2018. “INDOTESTUDO ELONGATA (Elongated Tortoise). UNUSUAL MORTALITY.” Herpetological Review 49 (1): 108–9.

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