November 27, 2018

040 Complications of Captivity

This episode we are talking about the pet trade - from the livelihoods of people who collect wild reptiles and amphibians in Madagascar and through to one of the issues that sometimes arises: escapees becoming non-native nuisances. We round off with a Species of the Bi-Week in the form of a slippery new lizard.



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Species of the Bi-Week:

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Other Mentioned Papers/Studies:

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Other Links/Mentions:

Conservation chronicles:

Winter croc fest December 8, 2018 at Gatorama. Gatorama is an alligator farm and visitor attraction in Palmdale, Florida, USA.

Sami Asad frog video:


Intro/outro – Treehouse by Ed Nelson

Other Music – The Passion HiFi,

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