August 2, 2022

121 The Cheeky Startler

Toad headed agamas have a bonkers display - bright pink flaps which pop out of the sides of their head. It has long been assumed this serves as a warning to would-be predators, but does scientific evidence support this?

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Main Paper Reference:

Whiting, M. J., Noble, D. W. A., & Qi, Y. (2022). A potential deimatic display revealed in a lizard. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 136(3), 455–465.

Other Mentioned Papers/Studies:

Petrovan, S. O., Al-Fulaij, N., Christie, A., & Andrews, H. (2022). Why link diverse citizen science surveys? Widespread arboreal habits of a terrestrial amphibian revealed by mammalian tree surveys in Britain. PloS one, 17(7), e0265156.

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